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I'll try to keep this short, as it's probably already been discussed on the forums how the KDF Fleet Uniform is kind of lacking.

I just recalled something from Season 6 trailer -
Precisely this moment, ~55 sec.

What's this that I see? Shoulder pads? A collar? I think I see a sash or a chest-piece as well... Oh I do want that, yes please!

Yet this is what we get in the end - (pic uploaded by another forum user).

Do I even have to say how much disappointed I am by this? Not only the KDF facton doesn't get that many uniforms to begin with, but the ones they do are either ridiculously expensive (Korath Uniform - 200 Lobi, Warrior Skirts - 100/150 Lobi), require an expensive and long grind (Fleet Tailor, Reputation) or are plain and simply incomplete (Bortasqu) or bugged (KHG/Omega with no helmet options since Season 7 launch). Not only that, but they're also character unlocks, with the only account unlock since the game launch being the Klingon Academy outfit...

I know we can beg and plead on our knees for Cryptic to give KDF more love and they won't do a thing unless it'll return a sufficient amount of money, but these recent practices are quite frankly ludicrous. As if they don't even want people to play the KDF faction, yet continue to tease us with all these new toys and shinies we can't or won't obtain. The Bortasqu uniform in particular is blatant false advertising, as the Season 6 trailer (you know, from over half a year ago?) shows us a uniform that we are supposed to unlock through the starbase progression, yet after doing so we only get a basic variant of and no info about the rest... "Disappointed" is a mild way to describe how I feel about this...