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I'm not a game programmer, so I have no personal experience in what actually breaks a game from a programming standpoint other than what the dev's have said.

I think licensing issues aside, the best we would ever get is a scaled down ENT-J. The largest Borg cubes I've seen in the game that fire back are in STF's and all those cubes do is sit in one place and shoot. At most, they spin around. I guess it's moving an object that large that breaks the game.

I think it was TacoFangs that said once they could never do a properly scaled version of the Sol System because it would be so large your ship would visibly skip along its flight path. I assume it's the same kind of problem with moving ultra large objects around.
It's just a GUESS, but I think it might have to do with the way the game does inertia and turning. Not sure... but now that I think about it.... enemy base-ships barely move... if they move at all.

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