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02-06-2013, 07:02 AM
Originally Posted by gerwalk0769 View Post
Do you play with more than one torpedo doff? I've been running a single purple borg torpedo doff with my Chel and the Cluster Torpedo for about three weeks in PvE, and I have never had launch times 8-16s apart.
Ya run 3 torp doffs if your running torps... or don't bother... one is way to random... 2 is usable... 3 is the gold standard for a torp boat.

If you are running a torp boat setup... you want 3 regular torps... + 1 Long duration torp... + 3 doffs.

This way your 3 torps will be up every fire cycle... and each proc you get will kill the cool down on your one long duration... Trics, breen, time torp... whatever you want... the doff procs will keep the long d torp cool down chilled and you can pretty much fire it when ever you have a good shot with it.