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02-06-2013, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by wilv View Post
I was wondering if the lack of veteran skin on the Aquarius was a bug? If not is it something that can be changed?
I can confirm that the fleet store version of this ship DOES NOT have access to the veteran skin. It's confusing to me personally since the version that comes with the Odyssey can use the material in question. It also has no access to the Type6 material, which again confuses me since it's the default material that comes with the Odyssey version.

On a related topic there seems to be a bug with this ship. Once you customize it and select a material you can't change it again unless you click on the "randomize" button.

I would also like to suggest that they add animation to the nacelles. It would be cool if they extended when warping out of a system and while in sector space and retracted when entering a system and while in it.

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