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02-06-2013, 07:13 AM
Originally Posted by lordmanzelot View Post
I dont understand this klingon faction whining. Star Trek is primary about the federation so cryptic has more opportunities to create content because there is a lot of content. If you want a 100% counterpart to the federation is takes decades of evolution. You can't get a 100% federation faction 100% klingon faction 100% romulan faction 100% cardassian,borg or delta quadrant species factions, its impossible.
Oh the KDF being upset is understandible. Just like the feds, we cry for what we desire.
My point is its not working too well insulting the Devs and it is time to stop.
Otherwise its still valid to ask for and give reasons why more story content, costume options, Gorn,Orion & other KDF racial content and a complete faction to improve over all gameplay is needed.
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