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Based on this prognosis the pvp ques have lost another player sure you won't miss me but its a crying shame as Star Trek and beams is how it's meant to be
This is a variant of what I'm working toward on one of my toons. There are some boff/doff changes I make depending on my mood. The underlined items are the things I'm still working toward - usually a case of having Blue wanting Purple or having a stand-in while working toward that item.

Chel Grett
Engineer Captain

Romulus: +3% CrtH, ShieldHealOnCritProc
Omega: +30 Weapons Training, KineticProc

(THY for FvF and TS for FvK - Omega the AAs)
EPtS1, AtS1

ST1, HE2, TSS3

DOFFs: 2x Conn(TT), 2x DCE(EPt), EWO(Sub)

Deflector: MACO Mk XII
Engine: Aegis (+5% Defense (Engines) + 10% Defense (Escort) + Maneuvers/Impulse > 24 = would still mean +85% Bonus Defense)
Shield: MACO Mk XII

Fore: Omega Torp, Experimental Beam Array, 2x Romulan Plasma Beam Array Mk XII [Acc]x2
Aft: Hyper-Plasma Torp, Cutting Beam, 2x Romulan Plasma Beam Array Mk XII [Acc]x2

Tac: 4x Plasma Infuser Mk XI (Currently 3x VR Mk XI and 1 R Mk XI - those VR Mk XII's start at ~22m EC - ouch!)
Eng: EPM, Tachyokinetic, Neut Mk XI (Typical R Mk XI currently - VR Mk XI and R Mk XII ~same price VR Mk XII ~30m)
Sci: Borg Module, Zero-Point, Field Gen Mk XII (R Mk XI currently - the R Mk XII's ~6m while the VR Mk XII's ~42m)

Devices: SFM, Aux Batt, Eng Batt

The Alpha? TT1, APO3, FAW2, THY1, EPtW1, Nadion Inversion, EPS Power.

Do things pop like a Tac's DHC Alpha? Not a chance in
Does it pop from the Tac's DHC Alpha? Nope.
Against an equally skilled opponent? I'd take this build over the average DHC build.

But it's not about 1v1's outside of duels or perhaps in CnH. I believe the Beamscort can better apply damage that warrants healing than a DHCscort. If caught in tractors during the gap in APOs, if the DHCscort's facing the wrong's got nothing. 3x Turrets vs. possible 5x Beams and the Cutting Beam? Yeah, there are healers that won't bite - plenty do though - allowing others to burn down the actual target.

I could go on and on about it, but it doesn't really matter. Cause I'm not talking about the same thing that the others are talking about. It's apples and oranges.

Premades & PUGs.

Premade vs. Premade? Yeah, not going to happen. Not viable. There's just too much coordination and synergy taking place that requires the high spike from DHCs to kill anything.

PUGland? More than viable, imho.

PUG vs. PUGmade/Premade...well, let's be honest here - does it really matter? You're likely to start off with 1-2 AFKers, 1-2 more will not respawn upon seeing the other AFKers and that they're facing an organized team, and even the folks that will just suicide run over and over to get the match over as fast as possible. So that's moot, imho.

Until they address the issues with abilities ignoring weapon mods and procs and until they address the issue with firing arcs... I'd be curious to see somebody making the case for them to be viable outside of "pressure" on a healboat or nuker/debuffer in Premade World.

For PUGland? Eff 'em, if you believe you can bring value to the team by doing it - then do it. If you're just doing it because it's Star Trek (but you're not building around trying to get the most out of them) - well, be honest with yourself - don't expect much return on the investment, because you haven't made much of an investment into the build.

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