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*On the other side the Migrant resistance fleet is already there towing the disabled Republic as repair crews are working on it. *

James: We are secure.. for now.

Wax how is our prisoner

Wax: He is being held and has made no sudden moves. There is a guard on him.. at all times.

James: I will go and see him then. Wax take the comm.

*He heads down to the brig as the guards let him in. *

James: Hello Taragi..

*Elsewhere on the ship Miranda is hard at work on something to heal the Admiral. *

Miranda: *Looking at the sample of the contaminate from the Admiral's blood.* What are you..

*Over the past year all she has been able to do is to keep it from mutating so the suit can keep it under control... His life expectancy is still around 4 years or so. She is still astounded at how the Admiral is still standing and fighting as hard as he can... His powers are burgeoning but his body can't take it. If he pushes too hard he will accelerate the contaminate and cause his life expectancy to less than a year.. If that happens it will be a galaxy wide epidemic as its receptors have already started showing signs of programming for that eventuality. Yet as she draws her dark brown hair back.. she feels his warmth of character and soul.. *

Miranda: How are you still able to fight Admiral.. why am I so curious about you..
*The Republic Remnant Fleet is guarding the Transwarp Gate while the Evacuation Fleet docks with the nearby Shipyards for repairs. The Republic and Matthew Neilson have been given priority.

Sam and Matt are in the Station Quartermaster's Office.*

Sam: Chief, I'd like to know exactly what you're doing to our ships.

Matt: Seconded.

Chief Petersburg: Alright. We're refitting your ships with Mk IV Zero-Point Energy Cannons. They have a higher damage yield and rate of fire.

I say "higher", I mean it has a slightly higher damage yield, but a very high rate of fire now. It's also more energy efficient, and actually uses less power.

You're also getting new Neutronium Emissive Armour Systems.

*He taps a control, activating a holographic representation of an armour plate.*

It not only absorbs kinetic force, but it radiates energy back into space. The Neutronium will take 3 hits from the Iconian Mothership's Main Battery - if it's a straight shot - with the Emissive alloy providing a safety margin of at least another 2 shots.

*He taps another control, and the hologram forms a module around the plate, containing a couple dozen armour plates.*

The armour can be deployed and stowed within 5 seconds during combat, and unlike the Intrepid-Type armour generators, it requires little power and the plating can be repaired while stowed.

*He deactivates the hologram.*

You'll also be receiving Ablative Deutronium Armour Plating to replace your Ablative Armour.

Sam: Cool. What else?

Petersburg: We've managed to come up with a beam projection system capable of withstanding the Zero-Point Energy. You'll be able to switch between MF-Phasers and ZPBs during combat, but the process requires swapping the emitters, which means it's a fragile process and takes 30 seconds to 1 minute. I wouldn't recommend doing it unless absolutely necessary.

Captains, how bad is it back home? We've heard rumours but...

I have a little girl - Kara, on Khitomer. She started school just last year, right before the blackout. Her Mum was there too.

Sam: I think I met a Denise Petersburg on one of the botanical freighters.

Petersburg: That's her. She's one of Khitomer Colony's greatest botanists.

Matt: Was.

Petersburg: What?

Sam: The Republic's gone in the Beta Quadrant. We're all that's left.

Petersburg: What--? What about Khitomer?

Sam: I don't know. It's possible that they left the colony intact, but most of the people stayed on the planet to fight. Klingons, Romulans, Federation... you name 'em, they stayed to fight the Shedai when they came.

Petersburg: My god...

Sam: Chief, the Shedai Empire is cruel and unforgiving of ANY kind of resistance. I...

Matt: You okay?

Sam: Yeah, it's just...

I grew up on Khitomer. It was my home. I played in the Camp Khitomer Republic Embassy. I...

I wouldn't be surprised if the Shedai bombed the Colonists from orbit. They've done it before, I saw Deis II torched from low orbit. All they did was request to function independently. Their only crime was refusing to be a part of an Empire so soon after Taras' assault!

Petersburg: What...? What are we going to do?

Ramez: Simple.

*Ramez walks in.*

We're going to fight back.

I want every Republic Vessel equipped with ZPCs and ZPBs. I want them equipped with Deutronium-Ablative Armour and, if possible, the Neutronium Emissive Armour. I want the Shedai Subspace Inhibitor cracked. I want the Federation ships fitted with our Zero-Point Weapons.

I want every ship this side of the Galactic Core ready for war. They wanted to wipe us out? We'll show them how you really fight a war! And... we'll win.
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