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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Getting some heals, in FED pugs? Is that a joke? Anyway, like i said i'm adapting. Feds start spamming mines, i spam acetons with my kdf. KDFs use mines against feds, and Feds don't heal their team mates, i use TBR to deal with (tric) mines. The amount of damage i can stop is higher than the damage i could heal. Anyway i fly a sci/escort ATM, but most of the times a TBR 1 is just mandatory when i fly the vesta. Not my fault if there aren't better sci skills for sci ships, and in no way i want to be a heal boat with a sci ship. Not my role.

Plain and simple maths with facts about Fed team mates. I'm not complaining about the state of pvp, just enjoying it as it is. I know most peps here are angry because many cool counters, like aceton, are in the cash store but it's not that expensive, and farming dil is still possible anyway.
I heal in pugs all the time. Actually, most of I time I end up spending my heals to save someone's ass and harden their shield up, only to have them run away and leave me hanging without heals left.
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