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# 1 n00b looking for a fleet
02-06-2013, 08:19 AM
A bit about me...

I live on the east coast of the US. I'm typically available from 9pm - 11pm (2am on Fri's and Sat's). When I'm not working (electrician by trade, work comes and goes) my schedule becomes much more open. However, when I'm working I can go for weeks without being available. I'm currently not working. I'm 38 (as of this month) and have a family and my friends (online and IRL) have to understand what that means.

I've been playing STO for about a week. This is my first MMO, but I've been a part of a few "clans" in the past so I understand what teamwork is (in game and out). I'm a casual guy and I prefer my games to allow casual play.

I'm looking for a group that's active, but casual. A group that understands real life takes precedence over a game or even online relationships. A group that's helpful for n00bs and vets alike. I'm not much of an RP kind of guy. More than anything, I consider myself a strategist.

Is there a group out there for a guy like myself?

Post here or message me in game: Bryant@mistaobvious