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02-06-2013, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by bberge1701 View Post
I suspect that there's another tier of the Bortasq' and Odyssey uniforms, probably tied to the Embassy Tailor. They're probably saving the "missing" parts for that.
And you're all fine with that?

There has been little talk about any Embassy when Fleet Starbases launched. We were teased with a brand new proper KDF outfit (finally) and now we're expected to grind to Tier 3 Embassy Tailor in addition to Tier 3 Starbase Tailor just to that we MIGHT obtain the other parts?

And who says that we will? They might as well give us only the shoulder pads, while the chest-piece or any other addition will be obtainable from yet another Fleet holding in another half a year or so...

Keep in mind, not all of us are in large fleets that are getting close to maxing out their starbases. For many of us it is difficult to reach this Tier to be able to purchase new outfits, especially on the KDF side (many communities focus solely on FED, sadly...). Yet at the moment this is the only way to get new stuff - pay Lobi, grind reputation or upgrade the starbase and then HOPE that the new per-character costume isn't going to be bugged or incomplete...

Way to go Cryptic... So much for supporting KDF faction...