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02-06-2013, 09:26 AM
*In the Federation sector of the Delta Quadrant Starfleet Security and arms outpost. *

*Wax is standing speaking with the Quarter master.*

Wax: So come up with anything that can be used against the Iconians?

Quartermaster: Well we have been refitting with Beam shields that last longer.. Our adapting our Omega weapons into something to cut into their hulls and shields.

Wax: Zero point?

Quartermaster: Sort of but developing it is becoming a little tough.

Wax: We brought some more taken equipment from the Iconians.

*Brings the Zeta tech and something mimicking of a shield device..*

Quartermaster: Oh joy more things to study..

Wax: Your welcome. By the way try to infuse Zeta into the Omega and see what happens..

Quartermaster: *sigh* Klingons are all the same... nuts..

Wax: *Laughs heartily* We will see.