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02-06-2013, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
Ten minutes. Six thousand dilithium. Maybe another half hour to hit the cap depending upon what you do. Easiest way to get through your daily dilithium grind the game offers so you can go at for fun. Whahh! I still can't pay for a T5 base in a week.
This is the best argument I have ever read about why the dil cap should stay at 8k. Because it takes 15 minutes to cap it if you have these mining claims to aid you. So, that makes the refinement cap okay.

If you're a zen buyer.

If you're a dil buyer, it's the worst ****ing thing ever when it costs 25 dollars to buy 220,000 dilithium. It used to get you 700,000. Cryptics positive out look on the current state of the dil exchange is strongly disheartening to read, when they talk like it's exactly where they think it should be at, that keeping it from crashing down to 50 but staying at 80-90 range is a good thing and case closed. Well, no. It's not case closed for the players. But I do know it's exactly where Cryptic wanted it to be for themselves because it's ching ching ching for them. A cap raise to 16k would solve alot of player headaches.