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02-06-2013, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
Indeed. The function of my crew appears to be lying dead or unconscious on the deck for most of the battle.
I laughed, out loud, and loudly, for reals.

Though to be fair, it seems we care slightly more for the bulk of the crew in STO as any captain did in any series or movie--slightly above not-at-all.

I will say this though:
  • Sci abilities are quite often strengthened/weakened by Auxiliary Power level.
  • Tac abilities are strengthened/weakened by Weapon Power level.
  • Shield Power level just affects shields
  • Engine Power level just affects speed/turn rate
  • .: I posit that Crew Level affects Engi abilities in the same way.

Pro'lly no one notices because no one uses Engi abilities that often, and if we do we're too frantic to notice. I'm wondering if I head out to a PvP with a buddy, he wails on me until my crew are dead and gets me to ~10% health, then I pop a Structural Field 1, and have him notice how far my Hull jumps to. Repeat with full crew (if I can, that'd be... hard to pull off... maybe throw on the Crew protection consoles first?), and repeat. I also suspect it affects Power Level Transfer Rate, as EPS really makes a massive difference in all stats, and is a native Engi ability.

I think/suspect/have-no-proof-of-but-it-would-make-sense that the amount regenerated would be different. This'd be far easier to tell if I could see shield/hull levels as numbers instead of graphics/percentages on the fly, without menus open.

And I can say that at least Tac Team is affected by percentage of Crew alive.