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02-06-2013, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by eurialo View Post
52/30 only? do you know that engine power impact speed, turn rate and defence?

usualy my engine power is about 70-79/50 and shields power is about 50/25
And, of course you know that Impulse 24 is all you need to get the maximum defense? That is to say, on a Captain without the Evasive trait, 70% defense. Anything more than that is just pure speed.

While Engine power does indeed affect impulse speed and turn rate, I'm sure you could guess that, while you turn is better, you're also going at a faster forward momentum. Thus, negating in part, if not all, the benefit of having more engine power.

I'd prefer to get as much out of my turn rate with as little increase in my impulse speed as possible. Some people prefer to zip around and try to get out of a target's fore firing arc. That's cool, but it's also a lot of missed opportunities to get your full volley in. I prefer to out of the fore firing arc, reversing, and swinging around (much quicker way to get your target in your fore arc). I used to have problems against escorts with a lot of power in their engines, until I started changing my strategy.

I'm sure you're also aware that shield resistance and regeneration is associated with your power levels. While the latter may not be as important, the former makes a pretty big difference in how much damage you can take before you lose your shields.