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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Ya run 3 torp doffs if your running torps... or don't bother... one is way to random... 2 is usable... 3 is the gold standard for a torp boat.

If you are running a torp boat setup... you want 3 regular torps... + 1 Long duration torp... + 3 doffs.

This way your 3 torps will be up every fire cycle... and each proc you get will kill the cool down on your one long duration... Trics, breen, time torp... whatever you want... the doff procs will keep the long d torp cool down chilled and you can pretty much fire it when ever you have a good shot with it.
There's some play with the above, depending on the quality of your PWO(Torp) DOFFs. There are times where 3x of X quality is actually worse than 3x of Y (lower) quality. It can throw off the firing of the slower recharge torps because the regular torps will keep firing - ignoring the slow recharge torp. Depending on the base recharge of your regular torps.

Course, there's all sorts of fun things you can do by selecting sets of different quality or even sets of mixed quality. It's always three though. While I'd agree 2 might be usable, it's just nowhere near as reliable as 3.

But you can do 2 regular (or Rapid/Photon) along with the Cluster and add in a Hargh'peng or Tric to the mix.

The change to the Omega kind of threw things off, and I wish they had handled that differently. You can still spam Hypers with a regular Plasma and 3 PWOs.

A potential "rainbow" mix is Hyper, Chron, Hargh, Cluster. The Chron actually can help the Hypers reach the target faster instead of being strung out and doing nothing. The Hypers can also cloud/spam the area so the Cluster has a better chance to get there. The Hargh's zipbamboom there.

A funny one's the following, imho:

Hyper, Plasma, Bio, Cluster...w/Breen Energy and BP1. Fire the Hyper, THY the Plasma, fire the Bio and Cluster, trigger the BED, and launch the BP1.

Sure, AA/GW ruins that moment - but it's a good example of throwing everything with the kitchen sink at them...heh.

If they add the Sarr Theln carrier - add pets into that mix. Heck, fly by in the Chel and drop mines first or race ahead and drop them.

So much spam you can drop out...and you can drop it out faster with PWO...yum!
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