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02-06-2013, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by beameddown View Post
the bug ship is not op,

It takes a clever person to build a effective bug ship boff layout and console layout, due to the ship having such a lack-luster boff layout.

It takes a very good pilot to make the bug ship competitive in pvp due to the ships mediocre turn, hull, and shields.
What are you talking about? The bug has Commander Tactical, Lt. Commander Tactical, Ensign Engineering, and 2x Lt. Universal. How is this lack-luster? Do you know how many people would love it if the Ensign Tactical on the Defiant to be a Universal BOFF?

Mediocre turn, hull, and shields? The only thing that has better turn rate is a BoP, and they have much lower hull and shields. The Fleet Defiant has lower shields, hull, and turn rate.

And I do not agree that 20 is only barely more than 17. Once you start adding engine speed modifiers, skill points, etc, the difference only gets greater.