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Originally Posted by hawkwing43 View Post
Ok would anyone pick the Marvel Universe if you had a pick of the following powers?

1. Spiderman type powers.

2. Hulk type powers

3. Captain American type powers

4. Ironman type powers.

5. You chould join Shield

6. You would get a random good mutant power

7. You would be reborn as an Asgardian.

8. You could gain Dr. Strange type powers

Would that help you pick that gate?

The DC one I did add you might gain powers from Exobites, but it would be a totally random type power, so you couldn't pick what you wanted.
I would've had the Marvel Universe as a back up regardless of powers. I'd be happy to have no powers at all, if I was guaranteed to have Angelica Jones aka Firestar as a girlfriend... I had a mahoosive crush on her when I was a child

I chose the Trek universe as it was the one I would be most easily be able to fit into and make a decent living

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