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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Perhaps you could try the new (and expensive) Romulan beam arrays with the plasma and disruptor proc.

More people are moving away from the STF gear and opting for the Elite Fleet shields. The plasma burn, while it doesn't seem like much, can really start putting the hurt on people only running one HE (which is pretty much everyone).

It's possible that you could just burn your target to death if you can get high DOT and a lot of plasma DOT procs.
Things I've observed while flying Rom Beams/Hyper/Omega/(EWP) and Hyper/Omega/Plasma Torps/Mines/EWP:

1) The guy that wastes his HE on the DEW DoTs and leaves himself open to the Torp/Mine/EWP DoTs.

2) The healer that wastes their HE on the guy with the DEW DoTs, leaving that guy open to the Torp/Mine/EWP DoTs.

3) The somewhat coordinated group that HE's the DEW DoTs and the rest, but leaves another target exposed to DoTs/other hull damage.

4) The coordinated group that renders your DPS all but null and just kills you.

Outside of the potential disruptor proc on the Rom Plasma weapons, there's also running APD to further decrease that hull resist. APB's going to be cleared by TT spam.

This is along the lines of why I felt it was viable in PUGland but pointless in Premade World.
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