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02-06-2013, 10:02 AM
Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
"Ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat".
Push the Devs to create some fed missions that allow the individual fed player to realize that Undine have infiltrated to the very top of the UFP and the KDF was right afterall
This would facilitate a Section 31 mission can both allow the fed to apoligise and petition the High Council to work with KDF forces to fight the greater enemy.

Do the same for the KDF but from the PoV of our side of things.

Tie it all together so it makes sense to the playerbase instead of the forced storyline that wehave now.
Thats my beef with it. It has no good story and was forced upon us, this co-op against the greater foe. Forced after the KDF tried get feds in from the begining and where rebuked.
Forced upon us and given a fed flavor as if it was thier idea all along.

Meh, it needs a rewrite.
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