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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Not that it doesn't matter, but that it's broken. Weapons continue to fire outside their arcs.

The weapon only checks if the target's in the arc at the beginning of the cycle - remaining shots will continue to fire regardless of the arc. Doesn't check per shot. You can fire fore 45 arc weapons as if they're aft as long as the target was in the fore 45 arc when you initially fired.
You can do the same thing with beams. Weapons in this game are all Smart Weapons for some reason heh.

The thing is Nadion sucks. It's easily emulated and surpassed by EPTW1 even.
MW meh. It's pretty rare to actually get a ship that far gone that it actually needs MW
EPS power, I use if anything as more of a booster for my aux when EPTA or Aux batteries are on CD. It's not that hot of an ability especially if we want to start talking about the horror of Team Batteries.

Eng Fleet is meh. Scattering field does it better, and on a quicker CD.

The Eng in pvp needs his powers completely restructured. MW should be a bonus to all healing thrown (lets say +100 for the next 15 seconds), Nadion should actually resist power drain attacks of all sorts. EPS power transfer might actually be fine as it is since you can at least throw it to team mates or use between Team Batt, Red Matter, Oberth console cool downs.

Eng Fleet, should be what Sci fleet is now (and sci Fleet gets changed to a debuff booster, like +100 to Gravitons, Flow cap, and decompiler for 15 secs)

RSF is actually fine, though it might need a slight regen boost.

With all of the blatant free heals in this game the eng is kind of homeless, because the resistances and heals he was granted with, have not upscaled with the games healing across the board.

The best way to play a cruiser, unless you're being stubborn is to go Sci or Tac unfortunately.