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02-06-2013, 10:18 AM
Originally Posted by eurialo View Post
yes, but you also need speed to reach/follow your opponent... moreover I can reduce speed if I need it.
I don't want too much speed to overcome my target. Slowing down will likely drop your flight speed below 24, which will reduce your defense. I've chased other escorts before, and with my near (uncloaked) B'rel-like turning speed (thanks to consoles), I've followed them at point blank range and they couldn't get away from me.

28.36 impulse speed is plenty fast enough to keep up with a lot of ships.

Originally Posted by eurialo View Post
I know, but I prefer to buff my shield's enery level using EPtS and if you are in a team a good eng with a cruiser can buff your power or extend his shields... You can buff your shields regeneration rate with the appropriate passive of the reputation system.

I can resist for a while if my shields are down, but it's more difficult to resist if someone drain your engine power and stop you.
Pick up some engine batteries if you're concerned about stopping. You won't always have your fleet mates with you.

Or, if you insist on keeping your engine power level high, pick up some shield batteries.