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02-06-2013, 10:37 AM
... No.... just.... no.... this is all god awful... talk about a professional troll... (sigh)

Third? Behind what and what?

Lets see. Top tier Escorts in this game.

1) JHAS.
2) Fleet Patrol Escort
3) Chimera
4) Mirror/Patrol Escort

It's not knocking any of those off the top tier.

Sooooo where exactly in this list does the Steam Runner Fit? It is no where near The MVAE, The Defiant, the so on and so forth soooo where exactly does the Hull Tanker go in your estimation?

To obtain this 'Thing' You need to buy a starter pack from Steam and it's in there. One that levels with you and the VA version. It's only redeeming quality is the Team Fortress console beyond that it is just god awful. Nothing, nothing, in this game can expect a full and fruitful life using it's weakest component, it's hull, to tank high dps from the elites and pvp. in normal pve it's prolly ok at best. So where you are getting this idea that it's even close to the top 10 is odd.

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