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# 1485 My Worst STF
02-06-2013, 10:39 AM
Just had the worst STF ISE:

everyone started all right by attacking the cube and destroying but soon went badly wrong
instead of all going to the left side like normal

1 player went right and attacked the cube, died a few times, after taking out the cube started on gen's and guess what...the spheres came!

while this was going on me and another went left doing things right with 10% rule i had no problem with this untill the other two players started up, one started attacking the gate where as the other just stopped infront of transfomer for about 5 min untill the "Player" choose to fly around the transformer again and again only going for sphere went attacked

1h 45min later we still hadnt got the tac cube to 20%...both players that attacked the gate and flown around had given up and left..stating it were our fault and we were s***

all ill say is thanks to the player that joined us to end the match

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