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Originally Posted by nixboox View Post
There is a stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant, it just seems like a better idea to start there.

We know very little about that area beyond the Founders and the Jem'Hadar.
You forgot the Barzan Wormhole. While it was obviously further destabilized in Voyger, I recall in the Path to 2409 that it was restabilized and used to travel across the galaxy. (After all we got Diplomatic missions with the Ocampa and such. )

Originally Posted by maxfive00 View Post
I wonder what happen to the Kazon Order.I like the Kazon and a cool idea for a Kazon invasion or a Kazon-Federation war.
Knowing Cryptic, it will be like this:

The son of Seska overthrew his father, Maje Cullah, and took control of the Kazon-Nistrim. From there, the Kazon-Nistrom used guile and trickery to conquer the other Kazon sects. After the "unification" of the Kazon sects, the newly formed Kazon Empire expanded to conquer other worlds beyond their space, such as the taking of Talaxia from the Haakonian order.

The Ocampa have long ran out of power that was supplied by the Caretaker and was forced to the surface, most of which were taken as slaves by the Kazon. A small population remained underground and has managed make contact with the newly returned Federation, which helped them create a stablized ecosystem for their underground city and offered aid to repair the damage to their ecosystem.
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