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Captain Marrick Log- Discovery Mission Delta Quadrant

Entry 1

The Nina has been commissioned for a discovery mission. High amounts of energy were detected coming from a planet dubbed only "Planet Hell". While we are aware of a species that used this planet for birthing, the energy emissions were found to be different. Star Fleet command commissioned my ship, the U.S.S. Nina, for discovery.

Entry 2

Strange emissions have been found throughout the quadrant, in fact, they are very trace, but very odd. Our science team has been hard at work, gathering information, and studying it. As of now, we have no name for these emissions. They do put off trace amounts of radiation.

Entry 3

We have encountered the Borg in the Delta Quadrant,the Borg have been persuing us all over the quadrant. In our first encounter with them, they crippled our engines, and we have only been able to use impulse. Lt. Commander Pac Ishozi of engineering was able to get us to full impulse. This however will not get us out of the quadrant, and back to safety. The tactical equipment of the Nina has been limited due to the scientific equipment on board. We must now use our own wiles, as opposed to technology.

Entry 4

Lt. Luke Minhere has shown himself to be very clever in these battles with the Borg. They were able to take down our aft shields long enough to attempt a boarding. I have been gravely wounded in the encounter, and this may well be my final entry. Lt. Minhere was able to redirect the phasers' coil make up so that every shot has a slight enough change in pattern that the Borg cannot adapt. We were able to hold them off long enough to regain our shields. Lt. Nasza got our transport fully online, and directed it to transport the remaining Borg into space. With shields back up, it has turned into a game of chase, that I fear I may never see the end of. If this is indeed my final entry, then let it be known I die as I lived, transgressing the stars, and exploring the vastness of a universe that is filled with wonders and marvels.

(ooc note: I have enjoyed Star Trek, especially TNG, but am far from a "treky". My main character in these stories will be Luke Minhere, a rogue fleet officer. If there are any really bad discrepencies, feel free to PM me. I am trying to learn as I go. )