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02-06-2013, 10:58 AM
-more account wide ships?
-more emotes / zen store emotes pack
(more social emotes for those who like to socialize. think second life?)
-allow 100% user modding of UI interface, blizzard style.

-ground pet duels, similar to pokemon, or 'pet battles' in WoW.
-romance abilities with ship characters
-more verticality in space combat
-a "Ghostbusters style" minigame or boss battle when fighting and capturing incorporeal entities.
-ground mounts or personal mobility devices of some kind
-more missions IN the mirror universe

-non-humanoid (less human looking) playable alien races. (bird like, dinosaur like, quadruped, etherial, tholian... would)
-cover shooter mechanic (gear of war style)
-ground boff positioning ability (republic commando or rainbow six style. playing boffs tactically in cover for sniper, covering positions)
-destructible environments
-larger ground environments (with mounts)
-increase in type/variety of minigame mechanics

class-specific methods for collecting and crafting, similar to WoW. resources (mining/archeology/herbology could turn into tactical salvage analysis/xenoarchaology/bio-survey, with corresponding resources or crafting componenets. Thus character development and skill choice would be connected to crafting tree options.

Thanks for all your hard work guys.