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02-06-2013, 11:02 AM
*Preston's office. Preston is sitting there fresh from a council session. *

*He sits there grasping his forehead annoyed.*

Preston: Its not like they actually get a say in what goes on. A room full of former members of the senate bodies Federation, Republic, Romulan, and Klingon and they can't seem to think that the old ways will ever work again..

Oldtypes are all the same.

*Door chime*


*Gial appears from the door way. *

Gial: The appleway has fallen from the road.

Preston: Of course..

*They step outside of his office with no one in sight they do converse normally.*

Gial: The evacuation fleet has evaded the Iconains once again and failed in getting the Transponder from the Republic.

Preston: I think that had more to do with Allen's craftiness than Sam Allington.

Gial: It was from what our agent says. They did succeed in going to through the gateway..

Preston: Of course they did..

Gial: Sir.. Do you still hate him..

Preston: My friend do not ever ask me that again.. Its too soon. I want his head on a stick and I want to do it myself.

Gial: I am sorry sir..

Preston: *Sigh* Lets move on.. What of the secret project.. What has the Emperor scavenging through the galaxy looking for rare things?

Gial: I myself do not know what it is exactly but it is some kind of super structure that does indicate vast amounts of Omega Frame work, but no one involved really knows. They say it came from a Preserver and Iconian databank.

Preston: Strange.. *looking at the image* I could use this..

Gial: Sir?

Preston: Gial continue as usual. My usual meeting with the Emperor is soon and I know over the past year I have kept the public in line peacefully and protected them the best I can.

Gial: Yes sir.

Preston: I want you to live James.. So don't go and get yourself killed.