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02-06-2013, 11:34 AM
i really think what makes cruisers that underpowered and unbalanced when compared to other ship classes, isnt the hull/shield cap (even admiting they should have a little more ) its that commander eng dont give cruisers what they need to cover a tac commander, and that we all know

also, ensign eng have 2 classes, eptsubsystem and eng team...

tacs have bo, faw, target subsystems, tac team*, THY, TS
*also tac team is vry good at tier 1 - the same benefict as tac team 3 (the most efficient ingame skill btw, it shouldnt have shield reroute ; well - we all know tacs are favoured ...

scis get even more abilities

what cruisers have special?

your answer : **dont come with healer boat, everyone knows a tac player or even a good sci player can **** a healer boat**

give eng boffs more skills choices, specially at ensign rank **also, why tracor beam is sci instead of eng, as it should be btw?** **and why tacs get apo with tractor beam immunity?**

not only cruisers but engs are currently underpowered