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James: I am sure. We will see then.. You will have to show me that.
*5 minutes later. Taragi is in a cell on the Republic Facility. T'mar and Sam are outside.*

Taragi: Shall we begin?

Sam: What are the locations of your fleets?

Taragi: Classified.

Sam: To a Commodore?

Taragi: That's how far Dorowa trusted me.

I do, however, know the position of Dorowa's Staging Point.

T'mar: And you'd be willing to tell us?

Taragi: Indeed.

*Sam looks at T'mar.*

T'mar: He's telling the truth.

Sam: Why?

Taragi: The Shedai are untrustworthy snakes! My people only want to return to our homeland - a homeland the Shedai now control!

No, I would rather die than protect Shedai security. So, I will help you. I can provide you with staging areas, defence strategies, contingency plans, everything you need to mount an offensive! I can also provide you with allies. I am not the only commander who believes this. My people will fall in line when I give the word, I need only be in a position to give it.

*Sam and T'mar walk into a corner.*

Sam: Well?

T'mar: He means what he says, for now.

Sam: But?

T'mar: I wouldn't trust him if he said rain was wet.

*Sam goes back to Taragi.*

Sam: I'll give you my government's answer in 1 hour.

*1 hour later, R.S.S. Denevus, Republic Stealth Frigate. The Frigate cloaks and enters the gateway.*

Sam: What the--?

David: Captain, report from the base! Taragi escaped!

Sam: What ship was that?!

T'mar: Unable to identify!

Sam: Damn!

*Beta Side of gate. The Frigate emerges and moves towards the Iconian Fleet. Taragi appears on Dorowa's Viewscreen, beaten and wounded.*

Taragi: This is Iconian Commander Taragi to Fleet Command, I have just escaped from Rebel captivity with information vital to the war effort!

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