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02-06-2013, 11:56 AM
I'll personally swear by the Fleet Patrol Escort. There is no way of making her cost less than 4 FSMs, but she is worth every EC you spend on her. She is currently the tankiest easy to get escort in the game (I believe the only ships that out-do her HP wise are the JAS and JHEC), she has the PERFECT BOff layout for a full cannon build (no annoying 3rd ensign), AND she has a uni ensign to either enhance your engineering or science abilities. Add on to that her 4 engineering consoles, she can be one TOUGH mother for anything to have to fight. Her only weakness is her somewhat larger than usual visual sprite, which makes her turn slightly slower in game, and her lack of a 5th tac console, making her damage output slightly less than a JAS, FTER, and FAER.

I have as of yet to try a fleet defiant, but I am sure once I do (didn't have time to take her out of dry-dock last night) I will probably recommend that ship as well.
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