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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Then tell me how there are numerous games who managed to depict what you say is impossible, or in case of games like "Klingon Honor Guard", "Klingon Academy" or "Star Trek: Klingon" do something that should be even less than impossible: focus on a non-Federation faction entirely.
It's not impossible at all -- but even Microprose, Interplay and CBS (who owned Simon & Schuster at that time) found these games didn't sell as well as games based on the UFP/Fedxeration; and that's why you don't see 'Klingon-only' Star Trek games on the shelves/digital distribution.
That has been affecting the PWE's decision making process with regard to STO in that the suits/bean counters who also have a say in the direction STO content development takes (because it all takes money) -- want to be sure they get the best/most profitable ROI from new content added; and it appears (rightly or wrongly) that those folks don't believe new KDF only content will grow the game (population and dales wise) at the same level that new Fedc focused content does.
And I'm not saying the assessment is right/wrong/valid in the long run; but again - the suits with the purse strings are who needs to be convinced that the ROI is worth it to finish fleshing out the current KDF faction with a tutorial and a full 1 - 50 level PvE path similar to what the Federation faction currently has. DStahl does have a lot of say in the direction he can take STO; but if the guys in budget say, 'no' - and Dan says "I'm going to do it anyway" -- and the results aren't absolutely spectacular in terms of ROI and profit, then he looses his job, and I'm certain STO's budget would get reduced as well. Without the backing of those who decide his budget/staffing levels, completion of the KDF faction to bring its PvE contemt to parity with the Fed faction ain't going to happen.

I honestly do think the Cryptic STO Dev team has been trying to convince PWE to let them do that for the KDF, but the PWE budget folks aren't seeing the value of it yet.
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