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02-06-2013, 12:10 PM
Hive Space Elite seems fairly straight forward to me. Don't over aggro, kill spawns fast, kill kill kill. We got the optional first time through.

Ground is different.

As soon as anyone crosses the line from the spawn room the timer for the optional starts. The first room is basically a big square with 4 ramps leading down to an inner square walkway. There are 4 exits with forcefields over them in the center of each outer ring wall. At certain points around both tiers is a glowing green device that we have all seen before. At each of these devices is 4 Borg, 2 tacs, heavy or elite, and 2 drones. I don't remember if they are standard, medical or what.

Certain panels in the floors glow green, and after about 2 seconds, electrocute anything standing on them. If you get Borg stasis fielded while there, then find yourself in green pastures(or Sto'Vo'Khor), do not be alarmed, because you are in Elyseum, and you are already dead. You've just earned points for an accolade. Do not respawn. If you do you will be locked out in the entry room and another team member will have to unlock the device outside the corridor to let you back in. Just let them resuscitate you when the tiles cool off.

It may be fastest to make two groups, one for the outer ring, one for the inner. One person activates the device. When the Borg activate, turn and destroy them fast, being careful to move off any charging floor section. Pulse waves are seriously the weapon of choice here.

When all these are done the forcefield comes down. 1 leads to the queen. There is a mob before you get there, IIRC, but you know what to do.

The Queens lair is a whole other matter. There she is, wired to a big console looking thing. She begins to monologue. I have no strategy for this room. Laser targeting beams target each team member. Queeny activates, pew pew lots of lethal energy. When the targeting lasers get to 1 beam, a big orbital strike hits that area. Just move out. The floors also electrify. Move, move more. Keep each other alive or be locked out.

Just when you think you got her down, she shrugs it off, walks to her crucifix, and links up for a complete heal. A bunch of Borg spawn, kill them.

Like An enraged Ivan Drago she then comes out swinging. Fight, die, and you think you have her. She goes back and heals up. Next she come out without her lower half suspended by cables. When she's dead this time it's done. Do not respawn. The team must revive you or you will not get your loot drop.
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