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Originally Posted by rickysmith1 View Post
When you think about it, The Enterprise - J was a ship designed in a timeline where the Expanse has engulfed nearly the whole Alpha Quadrent, so perhaps it won't excist anymore now that the Temporal Cold War never happened.

Also I thought it would be cool if the relation between the Borg and V'ger was that the Borg assimilated the race that spawned from V'gers evolution...

Proposed Story:
Perhaps they could do a specail Episode where survivors of the assimilated race have rebuilt V'ger and are at war with the Borg. However Daniels takes you to the Enterprise - J and explains by the 26th Centuary V'gers cloud will expand to engulf most of the Quadrent.
You are then sent to 'Help the Borg' defeat V'ger.

Or Open the Enterprise - J as an Adventure Zone after it emerges from a temporal distortion badly damaged after a battle with the Tholians. Even have a PvE where you defend her from Borg attack!?
That would work too. =3