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02-06-2013, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by rickysmith1 View Post
Yeah im making this mission full of little things like that.
Image 3... thats Starbase 74.

I just hope I get this Mission up to scratch in time because I really want to do my ideas justice.
My main worry is it starts of At the Gateway Planet. Then you will have to warp to Sol and then Warp over to New Romulas... the idea is to add some body or size to the mission, but theres the time issue to consider and I'm betting alot of people will give me 1-2 stars for it!

I'm also really looking forward to some of these mission storys... especailly with all the grinding i have been doing lol
was playing around with the foundry earlier.. I've discovered the secret of picture 3... placing the ships though is a bugger altogether.... at first I could'nt find the starbase on the map.

Still if you've claimed 74.... I might do something with 12....

Mission wise.. after this... im split between doing something Mirror Tos.. or something about the Undine.

I want an Armored Hatham called Fluffy!