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02-06-2013, 12:48 PM
Honestly, your problem is that your too well train into just pointing at something and expecting it to blow up, and don't know when to do when you can't do that on demand.

You want to learn it's flaws (and there are many) go make a level 50 engineer and science captain and get a higher end cruiser. Then replicate you "OP extend shields". Yes, it is powerful, but it's hardly over powered.

Want to know the other far end of the scale? Putting everything I have into shields and auxiliary power, using EPS power transfer, and batteries I've hit someone with ES, APtSI, HE, TSS, and a full set of shield drones and still watched them blow up in seconds.

Edit: And a tac team sorry. I forgot to add a tac team to that list. Tactical team, Extend shields, EPS power transfer, Transfer Shield Strength, Auxiliary power to Structural Integrity, Hazard Emitters, and 8 shield drones. Yep, and my target still didn't last had full of seconds.

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