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02-06-2013, 12:59 PM
Peace with the feds? Now why would we want that... Instead I say extend the warzones! Turn all of the eta eridani block into a giant battlefield! Fed and KDF NPCs fighting constantly, players able to join in and slaughter each other, and constant attacks from NPCs from both factions at all times!

Ex. I enter Eta Eridani, start to make my way to drazona. Suddenly a neg'vhar decloaks in front of me and I enter a loading screen. I drop out of warp and find myself suddenly in the middle of a fight with a dozen Klingon ships. Then fed reinforcements drop out of warp and we all fight until all of one side is dead. If you win, you get the choice of hanging around and fighting reinforcements or leaving. If you lose (yes, LOSE), you are captured and you have to fight your way out of a Klingon brig, and then you can warp out after beaming back to your broke-#$% ship.

Also if they implement this, you should get rewards for winning (ECs, bonus expertise, loot, whatever), and if you lose, well that's your problem

Alternate: drop out of warp into a fight already going on between fed and KDF ships. Join in the fun. Reinforcements show up for both sides and a real fight gets going. Note: both of these examples are applicable for both fed and KDF players. Winner is last side standing.

Another idea: have special zones where there is constant fighting between fed and KDF ships that you can warp in, and NPCs spawn every two or three minutes, and the spawns are random and designed to compensate for existing situation (i.e. if the KDF ships won and there are no fed ships around, the next fed spawn is larger and has more powerful ships so that balance can be restored, and vice versa). Also have random dreadnought spawns (i.e. Vo'quvs, Bortas, Odysseys, Jupiters, etc). You get loot after you leave (determined by how many spawns you survived/stayed for, but have a cap so players don't just stay there unless they want to fight)

Turn the warzone into an actual warzone! Screw this peace bull-crap!
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