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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*Dorowa extremely suspicious. Receives a look from a underling and a nod*

Dorowa: Stand Taragi I have much to speak with you about. Like your attempted coup of command..

*Someone hands him a sack and he tosses it in front of Taragi and heads come out. *

Dorowa: Honestly.. Do you think that I like the Shedai ordering us to our deaths? I don't. But our old ways won't do much to help us come back to prominence or reclaim our glory.

Right now we can focus on trying to hasten that day.
Taragi: Terani, Desari, Dekara, Messariss...

Idiot, Unstable, Loyal to you, even bigger idiot.

Not exactly my idea of trustworthy partners, sir. I had no intention of taking command from you. No Iconian has killed another in 10,000 years, and I won't start now.

My people, however, are commanders in this fleet. I shall not speak their names. They will not harm any of our comrades, but they follow me.

My influence stretches far beyond this one fleet, Supreme Commander.

*He turns on a jammer.*

I have supporters even as far as the Supreme High Council. I know of the Shedai's attempt to construct a new warship. I also know what they need to power it, that's a piece of information you do not have.

Right now we outnumber them. With the aid of the rebels - as frightening as that prospect is - we can fight this war and win. The return to glory needs not be born out of the destruction or subjugation of the younger races. We can live side-by-side, as the Synthesiser War proved. We both want the same thing: to return home, to Iconia. We both know that it requires the defeat of the Shedai, but only the Shedai.

I'm no warmonger. Everything I do is for the Empire, like you. Think about what I'm saying. It's your decision, I can only offer the choice.

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