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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*Dorowa extremely suspicious. Receives a look from a underling and a nod*

Dorowa: Stand Taragi I have much to speak with you about. Like your attempted coup of command..

*Someone hands him a sack and he tosses it in front of Taragi and heads come out. *

Dorowa: Honestly.. Do you think that I like the Shedai ordering us to our deaths? I don't. But our old ways won't do much to help us come back to prominence or reclaim our glory.

Right now we can focus on trying to hasten that day, but what I despise is underlings who doubt my integrity.
The diadacts image appears.

Diadact: I hope you are working on stopping the rebels. The sooner you do and prove your loyalty. The sooner the iconians can return to power as well. Let me remind you supreme commander if you fail you should not bother to return as you would have nothing to return to.