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02-06-2013, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by rickysmith1 View Post
Good call, have a shout out to Bridge Commander by having the Soverign and Dauntless stationed there! Lol Or have an escape from the Mirror ESD after an infiltration mission!?
I was afraid of posting it encase people copied for this challenge, but later I'll take screenshots of it all and how its placed so you have a guide... It took alot of trial and error! Lol
Position the ships at a height of 0.96 - 0.99.
I wont steal it for this challenge... its all yours

next challenge.. depending on what it is... then I might

now.. hmm time travel... gives me a sneaky idea to do something dominion wars related... hmm maybe something to do with the Breen attack on earth.

Devs... need more outfits please... more outfits = more stuff for us to make.