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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
You do know people don't use those ships because of race it's because of poor stats(dkyr) poor Boff layout and malfunctioning repair platforms(varanus)

Im sure if they brought out the battlecruiser and it had 4 tac consoles and 10 turnrate you'd not see any other cruiser on the federation battleground

Oh and the marauders widely used due to it's the only kdf ship you can equip beams and look normal doing it
The Nebula also suffers from deficient boff layout.

Cmdr Sci
Ensign Sci
Lt Universal
Lt Cmdr Engineer
Lt Tac

... The Nebula is supposed to be a science ship/cruiser hybrid and it did wonderful pre-f2p when sci abilities were worth using. Now however, this ship can't do science so it must focus on being a 'science-y light cruiser' ... and it fails because its hull is so weak the bleedthrough damage makes it super easy to pop. It is not fast, it does not turn.. the only thing this ship can do nowadays is shield tank and put out mediocre damage.

It should be updated in the fleet version at least to be Cmdr Sci, Lt Cmdr Engineer, Lt Cmdr Science, Lt Tactical. Only then does this ship have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming remotely useful.