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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Well you do have to take into consideration the silliness that is AP:O/RCS consoles. For some inane reason they scale percentage-wise, rather than a flat additive, meaning that that escort will actually get more (a lot more) out of an RCS than will that Fed snoozer or what have you.
I've always thought that was a problem. It actually makes it so that if your stuck with one of the more sluggish ships, the RCS console has less benefit. You'd think that the ships with the most need of some extra turning would benefit most by adding some, but generally speaking they're better off piling on armor since they can't modify their turn by enough to matter anyway.

I kind of think RCS consoles and abilities which modify turn ought to be based on ships with a 10 turn rate. So a console which adds 35% now, would add a flat +3.5 instead no matter which ship it's put on. Or if you wanted base it on ships with a 12 turn (typical for science ships) which would give +4.2 for the same console. The point is that a flat addition would encourage RCS consoles to be used to compensate for crappy turning rather than to min/max ships with already exceptional turning.