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Because so many of the maps are just kinda "rooms and halls in space" I don't see a whole lot of benefit to mirrored versions. After all what orientation everything is in is relative to what way the player is facing. A mirrored version would be experienced almost the same as the version we have now.

If it were my choice, I'd like to the devs to spend whatever time they devote to the Foundry on adding the maps they have that aren't in the Foundry and more custom-building assets. I went to the Captain's Table the other day for the first time (I haven't been a lifer very long) and there's all kids of walls and consoles and such there that I'd love to have at my disposal. Same with the player starbases. I specifically asked Tacofangs if those would be added to the Foundry and he said yes... but it hasn't happened.

That said, if we were to get a system where we could mix and match those hallways and rooms into new layouts, I'd love that
it's not that useful, I admit, but it'd be relatively easy for the devs to implement and add some more variety. But yeah it'd be a matter of going left at a turn in the hallway instead fo right.

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