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Captain's Log, Stardate: Unknown - Earthdate: April 5th 2063

The Retribution has been ordered to assist U.S.S. Rhode Island in making scans of a highly unstable graviton star. However, when we arrived at the RV co-ordinates, only a duranium shadow remained of the Rhode Island.
My science officer surmised that it had been sent through time; where and when was a slight harder to discover. We were eventually able to determine that the missing ship, commanded by Captain Harry Kim, had been sent back to the years after earth's 3rd World War - and the day that Zefram Cochrane launched the Phoenix.

We had planned to send a multi-spatial probe into the star, in order to determine the time period in which the Rhode Island was in. However, my executive officer had informed my that the probe may not survive. Running out of time - and options - I summoned the senior staff to the conference room for an emergency meeting.

"Does anybody have any useful suggestions into HOW we're going to get Capt. Kim and his crew out of there?", Starfleet Admiral George Aubrey asked.
"I don't think we can do much about that right now, sir. The star is becoming increasingly unstable from the latest scans," Reman science officer T'Kek replied.
"Short of taking the ship through the pulses, there isn't anything we CAN do to help the Rhode Island", said the chief engineer.*

*will continue