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02-06-2013, 04:13 PM
The warp core idea sounds interesting.

As for PvP rep, I'm utterly fine with it aslong as it rewards people who actually participate (meaning AFKing doesn't work) and the powers it grants aren't nuts.

Some ideas:-

Like Romulan and Omega marks, you should be able to turn PvP marks in for dilithium.

Each tier should increase the rewards you get upon match completion (with tier 5 giving you about 200,000 Ec)

Tier 1:-
Something ground PvP related

Tier 2:-
Option 1 - +40 to inertial dampeners, sensors, subsystem repair, power insulators
Option 2 - +40 to graviton generators, flow capacitors, countermeasures and subspace decompiler

Basically one increases resists to stuns, drains, holds etc while the other increases their effectiveness.

Tier 5:-
Salvage - Space power
Once activated it lasts thirty seconds and upon getting a kill you'll be rewarded with some purple equipment.

Elite PvP supplies - Sells rechargable shields, aux, weapons and engine batteries. Obviously bound.
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