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02-06-2013, 06:25 PM
Farscape frells the hazmata out of them both and stuffs their mivvonks down their throats.

That said...

I never really enjoyed Star Wars. The only thing it ever had going for it, in my mind, is a bigger budget in the makeup/puppet department, and recent advances in CGFX technology have levelled the playing field in that area.

I don't think that many people on this forum are going to disagree with the OP's premise, though they might take issue with some items on the list - I know I do. My list would be something more like:

10. George Lucas had nothing to do with Star Trek.

9. No touchy-feely space wizards.

8. There are episodes of Star Trek which raise interesting philosophical and social issues, and really make you think. Star Wars was only ever about being entertaining (and if you want that, watch Farscape!)

7. There's no incestuous subtext in any episode of Trek that I've ever seen, but if Han Solo wasn't around, you can bet that Luke and Leia would have hooked up.

6. George Lucas had nothing to do with Star Trek.


4. T'Pol's bum.

3. Trek had the first interracial kiss ever featured on television, a bold move that sidestepped the censors of the day and called into question America and the Western world's outdated and latent racism. Star Wars had Jar-Jar Binks.

2. George Lucas had nothing to do with Star Trek.

1. Tribbles > Ewoks.