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I'm a new player. I just hit VA and could use help with my toon's skills. I had to put 1 into Starship Impulse Thrusters to get to the new Rank. I have 1000 skill points left over with this proposed build.

Traits: Accurate, Efficient Captain, Elusive, Warp Theorist
From your skill choices, I see you are more interested in space than ground, so I will focus on that. There is a chart explaining what each skill point does located here It outlines how much of a bonus each skill gets and it can be invaluable in deciding skill point placement. There are quite a few skills in this game where it really isn't worth the extra 3 "red zone" points.

For a damage dealing cruiser, I would run something along these lines

Now, in the ingame message you sent me, you mentioned that you have read my post here:
For a damage dealing assault cruiser, I would run that gear layout. However, that build is for a star cruiser, you don't have a third science console slot. Due to this you would place an extra Tactical - Plasma Infuser Mk XI instead of an extra Science - Emitter Array Mk XI.

The truth about cruisers is they really don't have many engineering bridge officer options capable of dealing damage. Boarding Party and Directed Energy Modulation (with beams) are both fairly weak abilities. Aceton beam is a good debuff, but the cooldown is too long. Eject warp plasma and emergency power to weapons are really a beam cruiser's only engineering based tactical options. The build I am suggesting focuses on burning your target with damage over time to compensate for the ship's lack of tactical options. However, if you were to use the ambassador class, then you are opened up a quite a few science tactical options. Out of the abilities, you could pick up tractor beam repulsors II, gravity well I, or tykens rift I. All of which would help with dealing damage to a degree. The difference between the ambassador and the assault cruiser is the reversal of lt. Commander engineering and lt. science. You gain a lt. commander science slot, yet you lose a lt. engineering slot. (No Auxiliary to SIF II in exchange for an extra damage dealing ability)

The build I describe above is a standard 6 Beam with 2 Torpedos/Mines build. It works fairly well, but the build doesn't fit everyone's playstyle. Some players instead choose to use 3x Single Cannons fore with 1x Torpedo and 3x turret with 1x Torpedo (or extra turret) in the aft section. This works as a slightly high damage build, but it is difficult to pull off with an assault cruiser due to the turn rate.

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