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In the days before lockboxes and fleet vessels you might have had half a point. However, any niche that Fed snoozers may have once fit has been completely eroded by cross-faction/fleet ships that outclass them both at healing/protection (Wells, Recluse) and sustained damage or maneuverability (pretty much every Klinkydink snoozer). Even on a stat-by-stat basis Fed snoozers are terribly outclassed: the Fl. Vorcha has a frankly ridonkulous 1.1 mod to the Fleet Stargazer's .94, for instance).

Some moar evidence that considering Cryptic calls themselves DS9 fanboys, they must've been watching a different show to the one I did (pay close attention to each appearance of a Galaxy class in the clip):
1st KDF don't have snoozer Cruisers. The closest they have is a the Carrier which aside form the Brel is all they get for decent sci options. The target of the repairs matter which is why Fed Escorts are better. Feds have better Sci, Escort, and Support Cruiser options including Fleet ships. KDF have better heavy pressure DPS Cruisers, they have weak Raiders, and the Vet ship a Raider/Destoyer hybrid.

Lotto ships are by in large designed to be better than all others. This doesn't mean other ships can't fill their roles. The blurring of the factions has less to do w/this and more w/Feds having options for mounting cannons on all ship types and options for pets on all ship types.

But, none of this means Fed support Cruisers are underpowered.