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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
If you're still experiencing an issue, I would reach out to your ISP to see if they can help troubleshoot and find where the cause may be I recently experienced the same thing -- turned out that cabling underground had to be changed, and once it was, all was smooth sailing.

As far as our end, everything looks back to normal.


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On my end also since Birthday patch this drives me mad... Somtetimes on one Map i get kicked 3 times within 15 min.. Somtetimes i got kicked immediatly after re-join, or even twice within 1 min. ^^.... This happens up to 10 times in a 1 hour playtime! Seems totally random.
As for any suspections: nope, my Internet is fine (vdsl) and works fine with everything other (Onlinegames f.e.).

Before the patch i was happy that all things you can find on forums regarding discons not happened to me. After the patch i feel totally ***** by the connection and meet more and more people who just make the same experience (lag- or disconwise).

Plz have a "trek-like" closer look , thx.

p.s.: Also plz keep in mind that not everybody who runs into this comes to the forums to complain about. As i said it started for me with birthday-patch, so it's been a while before i decided to post here ...

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