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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
It's not just Cruisers, though - it's those Ensign Engineering BOFFs.

If there's just a single Lt Eng BOFF - is that going to vary much from ship to ship? Compare that to Tac or Sci.

Lt and En? How much variety are you looking at? Compare to Tac and Sci?

It's almost always going to be the same abilities selected for the Engineering BOFFs. How many are you going to change depending on if you're doing Support, Tanking, or "Pressure" Damage?

Then look at the sheer variety for Tacs. Are you using Cannons? Are you using Beams? Are you using Torps? Are you using Mines? Are you using a mix? Going to run dual TT or have you DOFF'd TT to run one and boost APs because you don't want to run 3+ Teams? Are you running dual APO or just one because you're using PH from Sci as well?

Look at it for Sci... and it makes Tacs look limited in choice.

Go back to Eng, eh?

EPtA for support or EPtW for pressure.
ES for support or DEM for pressure.

Where does BP fit in? What about AB? What about higher ranks or lower ranks of other abilities?

It's not just a case of having a more limited selection of both abilities and groups - it's also a case that some of the abilities simply don't fit in with anything outside of playing in your sleep through replay missions.

What Cruiser should use AB3?
What Cruiser should use BP3?
What Cruiser should use EPtA3?

I still can't get past the feeling that they created Tacs/Escorts, Sci/SVs, and then added in Eng/Cruisers.

Look at SVs. Subsystem Targeting? So they have innate Tac BOFF abilities? Sensor Analysis? You mean something that a Tac bridge officer might be doing in the shows or movies?

Look at Sci BOFF abilities. HE? Screams Engineering. PH? Screams Engineering.

But then again, RSP/ES both scream Science. Boarding Party screams Tactical.

One can easily go through and see where things are mixed up in various areas. They're just things that have always bugged me.

While so many folks are off wanting the Cruisers to be Escorts - I've just done my best /picard while looking at everything else...
Lets stick w/a ship a single lt eng slot. Eptx and Epty and doffs to reduce cooldowns. One of the Ept will be shields. This leaves 3 options for the 2nd slot. W/o Doffs it's 2x EPTS. Eitherway, other than TT distribution power, imo, this is the most powerful low end Boff slot and it's why so many want more than 1 low Eng slot.

For a ship w/just a Lt Sci. HE and TSS will most likely be what's selected w/HE pretty much required for the counter abilities. ST, PH, TBR, TB are reasonable options. But, most will be TSS and HE.

For a ship w/just a Lt Tac TT is nearly required. This leaves APD or APB or BO2 or TSSx or TorpHY or TS or a Mine Pattern. This assumes Doffs for cyclying a single TT copy. Seems Tac has most flexibilty, but really in terms of impact TT is only one significant on ship w/just a Lt Tac. Personally, I tend to fly w/only one TT and use other means either piloting/turning, doffs, other boff abilities to open up other team options as debuff counters.

In the end while Ens Eng options aren't many they are very powerful options as are the Lt options.

Again why does this hurt support cruisers or lead them to be underpowered?