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02-06-2013, 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by natejam101 View Post
I just need to know if it is normal of for Customer Service tickets to go un-answered for over 5 days..

The first time i submitted a ticket, i got tired of watching the days go by waiting for a response. After 9 days, I finally closed the ticket myself.

3 days ago, I submitted another ticket about the same issue and still no response yet. Just wondering if this is normal wait times for Lifetime and Sub based players?
It depends on the type of ticket you are submitting. What type of ticket was it?

For instance, if it's a behavior ticket (reporting another player), it will never get a response as we can not let you know action taken on or results of an investigation of another player. If it's a bug report, this will also not get a response -- it's sent to QA and they investigate. If it's something else (missing items, stuck, etc.), then GMs should respond.


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